The history of the castle

The history of Château de Clusors

Château de Clusors is located on ancient highlands near Saint-Menoux and against the backdrop of the Bagnolet forest. Fortified between the 14th and 15th century during the Hundred Years War, a period of looting and political instability. Château de Clusors represented both civil power and the Abbey of Saint-Menoux religious power.From that time, there are some very interesting buildings, a hall, a garrison or wheat granary, a dovecote and towers.In 1569, Nicolas de Nicolay considers Château de Clusors to be a castle. During its storied past, Château de Clusors has had several owners, all influential Bourbons (Baron de Bressolles, Feydeau).According to a letter dated 2 June, 1693, Madame de Montespan wrote during one of her visits to Bourbon, when she had completely broken with King Louis XIV, that she loved to visit Pierre Feydeau, grand master of waters and forests, Lord of Clusors, because she appreciated "the freshness of the woods".Clusors changed hands many times before being acquired in 1844 by Louis Charles Dubost, royal notary, of whom we are descended.